Art Academy

After school exploration of art and nature! 

Art  Academy ignites the imaginations of kids ages 5- 12 and offers them a fun, hands-on, creative outlet to explore the world of art and nature! Visual art in a variety of mediums and nature inspired themes is taught by amazing local artists in each 5 week session. Clay, paints, prints and more inspire kids to get messy, think outside the box and have fun!

Small class size, high quality intruction, and a dedicated team provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for development and for making new friends!

Each 5 week session features 5 individual classes, and a new artist and medium. Classes are held on Tuesdays and run  from 3pm - 5pm, with transportation available from both Osborn and PD. 

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 Artist Bethany Wray has been living in the Leavenworth area for a year and currently works as a Lead Teacher at Mountain Sprouts. She  mainly works in watercolors and paints outside when she explores the surrounding area. She received both her BFA and MFA in Southern  California and has worked for a variety of non-profit art education programs. She's excited to be continuing her journey as an artist and  educator in Leavenworth! 

Session 5     April 11th, 18th, 25th, May 2nd, 9th            

"Beauty of Birds"-    Young artists will enjoying exploring the beauty and function of all things bird! Students will use  "up cycled" materials for creating collages, chalk and chalk pen art to finesse lines and patterns, and  paint and pastels to bring their works to life and while they compare form, color and function found in nature. 

     Artist  AmyRadoslovich- Wall started doing art at a very young age. Painting walls, murals at school and home, selling art in college at the local coffee shops. Amy loves her family, loves living is Cashmere and is a nurse full time. She enjoys creating wedding flowers and fancy chalk art signs, and setting up props for photo shoots. She loves everything salvage to use for natural containers and supplies. Amy believes in bringing art to all! Visit her Facebook page Salt of the Earth

Thank you to our previous artists! 
Mijanou Fortney
Teri Zimmerman Art education for me was not in the form of a traditional classroom.  I have come to realize that my inherited traits, and the surrounding of creative adults as I grew up, along with my curiosity with wide open eyes were my initial training.  (I am a 3rd generation Artist) With a strong desire to earn a living in Art and raise a family, I needed to push myself beyond my knowledge.  There are no limitations when it comes to the strength of your imagination. Commission work in design and creation of sand carved and leaded glass for the past 42 years has been a driving force and enabled me to study and research styles, architecture and nature as well as meet some incredible people Art has taken me places both physically and mentally. Art for me I feel it is basic to life. Although I make a living in Art it is more of a life style I have a huge passion for the ocean and the creatures that live there. I am a trained volunteer for environmental education and beach naturalist for the Seattle Aquarium. I Enjoy teaching Art at the Beaver Valley School as a volunteer monthly in the K-1 class.   After school and summer programs for ARTIS and now Wenatchee River Institute have been a joy.  It is my goal to instill the joy of Art and Nature with our Kids
Amber Zimmerman is a third generation woman artist with a B.A. from Evergreen State College in Environmental Art. She has been active in the local art community and has participated in several group and solo gallery shows throughout North Central Washington. Amber is experienced in teaching a variety of mediums to students of all ages. Visit her website at 

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