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Bird Fest

Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest- Ethical Guidelines for Mindful Birders

1. Are you aware of the “bird” in birding? – Birds are aware you are there!  The welfare of birds must come first.  Bird-watchers / photographers should have no impact on birds. Respect birds’ territories…keep a reasonable distance. Do not flush birds or try to make them fly.

  a. Wear muted, quiet clothing

  b. Silence is golden! Talk in whispers. Avoid behavior that might distract other birders

  c. Walk quietly, move slowly, no pets. Don’t move dead branches or brush to see birds more clearly  

  d. Turn your cell phone to vibrate- or turn it off! 

2. Migrant Birds need rest and food- it’s been a long journey! 

3. Do not disrupt animals and their habitats. Disturbances can prevent safe nest keeping and enable predation. Stay on designated paths, walk single-file. 

4. Park lawfully if birding by vehicle. Pull completely off the road

5. Lasers, flash photography, and call backs are prohibited on festival trips- it’s distressing for the birds! 

6. Respect private property

7. Follow rules and regulations of public areas

8. We recommend bringing guide-books, a notebook or journal, a pen or pencil, binoculars, water, and a bag or pack to easily carry your items. 

9. Have a question about ethical birding? Review the ABA Code of Ethics 

10. Our bird outings are led by volunteers- respect your guide and thank them for their time!