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Community Experiences

Red Barn Event: Adventures in Storytelling

Thursday, November 7, 2019
7:00 pm8:30 pm
Red Barn, 347 Division Street, Leavenworth
Red Barn Event: Adventures in Storytelling

We all have stories to tell – wildlife encounters, heart-pounding adventures, family trips gone awry, and those that have forever changed lives. Join us for an evening of storytelling in the Red Barn.

Members of our community will be coming together for this exciting new Red Barn Event! Storytellers come from a range of backgrounds and will be sharing their own 5-7 minute stories of adventure.

Storytellers will include:
Andy Dappen: “The ethical quandaries caused by a dead man”
Carolyn Griffin-Bugert: “Love, bicycle touring and a cyclone”
Marlene Farrell: “To Wander and To Wonder on the PCT”
Kevin Farrell: “Seeing Eye-to-Eye with a Whale”
Chandra Llewellyn: “Life lessons from invasive rats, endangered coconut crabs and itchy mangos”
Selina Danko: “Lost in the fog: A Case Study in Lost Person Behavior”
Mark Shipman: “Bivouacs I have enjoyed…and not so much!”
John Place: TBD
Lynn Lyons: "Skirting Danger in Yellowstone"

Doors open at 6:30pm for community social and no-host bar; presentation begins at 7:00pm.