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Rich Beausoleil, Bear and Cougar Specialist and Karelian Bear Dog Program lead for WA Department of Fish and Wildlife. Karelian Bear Dogs, pictured here with Beausoleil, are trained to haze bears and other wild animals from areas where they are not welcome.

Save the dates for The Bird (3rd) Weekend in May!
Learn about the wide variety of migratory birds that come to Leavenworth and the Wenatchee Valley for a brief, but important part of their year; breeding season. This unique area features spectacular habitats ranging from snow-capped mountains to sunny ponderosa pine forests, lush riparian zones to shrub-steppe. Bird Fest field trips are led by experts and professionals in their field. Activities also include wildflower walks, arts events, and family activities to ensure fun and learning for birders of all ages and skill levels

Red Barn Speaker Series starts September 12th!

Joseph Winters, a former Wenatchee River Institute student (2008) and intern (2017), has been working with Oregon Public Broadcasting (OPB) this summer. OPB has just published one of his works about the benefits that clear cut logging may have for native bee species.

Great job Joseph!

From using maps and compasses to building fires and shelters, children learned how to tackle the great outdoors with ease last week during the Wenatchee River Institute’s Kids in the Wild summer camp.

North Central Audubon takes on new role

A long time partner of the Wenatchee River Institute and it's signature event, the Leavenworth Spring Bird Fest, the North Central Washington chapter of the Audubon Society has upped it's commitment level this year and taken on some new responsibilities.

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Fall 2016 Wenatchee River Institute Newsletter