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Leave a Legacy


Legacy Giving

Creating opportunities for children to experience wild salmon running through local rivers, learning to explore nature close to home, and understanding their role in protecting quality habitat for wildlife – this can be your legacy by making a gift to the Wenatchee River Institute.

Including the Wenatchee River Institute in your will or as a beneficiary of a retirement account or life insurance policy is a simple, yet a powerful way to ensure that future generations will benefit from the environmental education programs at the Barn Beach Reserve Outdoor Learning Center, just as you and your family have. Anyone can make a bequest and no amount is too small.

Planning now can provide a secure future for your loved ones and maximize the impact of your future gifts.

Make your gift last through the Community Foundation

Based on a recent study, if every person in Chelan, Douglas, and Okanogan counties left 10% of their will or estate to the Community Foundation – no matter how small or large – we would have an additional $18 million per year to directly support charitable causes in our region.

The contributions from the Community Foundation to our organization are significant. Last year the the Wenatchee River Institute benefited as part of the foundation's awards of about $4 Million to charitable causes within our community – and that is no small number.

Community philanthropy means we all chip in together. It means every one of us gives something – no matter how big or small – back to the community that gives us so much. You don’t have to be a millionaire to give 10% back to your community – everyone’s contribution will make our community rich in its ability to preserve, protect, and enhance the place that we all love.

How do I Give 10?

It’s easy. Call your attorney today and tell them you want to Give 10 and include a charitable bequest in your will or estate plans. If you haven’t done your will yet or don’t have an attorney, we have a list of Professional Advisors from across the region that can help.