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Lisi Ott

Lisi Ott

Lisi was born and raised in Milwaukee Wisconsin by a dedicated conservationist dad and an art major mother. Her dad was in the last graduating class of Aldo Leopold and she was raised to be someone who cannot live without the “wild things”. Her childhood was spent exploring the United States, its lands and the communities to which we all belong. She graduated from St. Lawrence University in upstate NY spending 4 years exploring the Adirondacks while earning her degree in Behavioral Ecology by majoring in animal biology, animal psychology, and environmental science. She and her husband moved to E. Wenatchee in 1984 where her interest in regional planning almost got her employed by the city of E. Wenatchee until an unfortunate encounter with a van while riding her bike sent her life in a different direction. They bought land up the Chumstick Hwy. and moved to Leavenworth in 1996. Lisi acquired llamas to help her access the backcountry and alpacas to feed her growing interest in fiber art. Shortly after moving into her new community Lisi helped start the Chumstick Community Watershed Association and replaced 7 culverts for improved fish passage. During the late 1990’s she was appointed as a Chelan County Planning Commissioner and served for 4 years. In 2004 she was a founding board member of Leavenworth Recycles. During this time she began volunteering for Barn Beach Reserve’s youth education program shortly after its inception. This lead to a full circle where Lisi is able to pay forward her father’s teachings of conserving only what we love, loving only what we understand and understanding only what we are taught.