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A Community Behind Us

Our Strengths

Our supporters make it all happen

The quality of the programs, staff and facilities at the Wenatchee River Institute is all thanks to our Supporters — people like you who care about teaching others to be good stewards of our environment, who care about our community, who believe in sustainability, and who place a high value on education and protecting the natural world.

Your tax deductible donation provides you with WRI Supporter Benefits and provide support for the programs that teach children and adults to honor, respect and enjoy our natural environment. 

Your annual donations ensure WRI has the resources to sustain and grow quality environmental educational programs and remain good stewards of the Barn Beach Reserve. 


Thank you to our honor roll of past major contributors: Harriet Bullitt, E. Lorene Young, Icicle Fund, Peach Foundation, Tony & Jill Keyser, Project Groundwork, Michael Patterson & Gretchen Rohde, Robin Field Gainey & Jerome Sanford, Mogle Excavation, Sleeping Lady Foundation, Ted Price, and the Kampen Family Trust

Business Supporters