Sustainable Community—that’s what we’re about.

You don’t have to travel to OZ to know there’s no place like home. The Wenatchee River Valley, from our mountainous headwaters to our populous Columbia confluence, is unique upon the planet. May our home always abound with healthy landscapes, a strong economy, magnificent natural areas, neighbors supporting neighbors, abundant wildlife, clean air and water, and access and connection to nature for all.

The Wenatchee River Institute connects people, communities, and the natural world. We believe truly sustainable community is balanced on the triple bottom-line: environmental, economic, and social sustainability. WRI provides adult educational programs, year-round outdoor youth environmental science, a community garden, local sustainability networks, nature festivals, and barrier-free access to nature.

Our Members
Our support comes from members— people like you who care about community, sustainability, and the natural world. Memberships begin at only $15. Enjoy access to member-only events, as well as the warm glow of being part of the solution.

Our Mission
WRI’s mission is connecting people, communities and the natural world

Our Honor Roll
Our deepest gratitude to our legacy watershed supporters: Harriet Bullitt, E. Lorene Young, Icicle Fund, Peach Foundation, Tony and Jill Keyser, Project Groundwork, Michael Patterson and Gretchen Rohde, Robin Field Gainey and Jerome Sanford, Mogle Excavation, Sleeping Lady Foundation, and Ted Price.

And our enduring thanks to all our members, sponsors and donors.

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Our Facilities and Barn Beach Reserve
Click here for a map of our nature reserve, trails, and buildings. Read about our facilities and policies, or enjoy a journey into the reserve’s cultural history.

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