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Robes Parrish

Robes Parrish

Robes grew up exploring the forests and mountains of New England and studied Ecology at the University of Vermont. After graduation, with the deep Western snowpack beckoning, he first moved to Utah and then to Washington for an internship with the North Cascades Institute. Smitten by the vast wilderness and huge mountains, he spent the following summer working for North Cascades National Park as a backcountry ranger. This cemented a love of place and power of teaching which he parlayed into the graduate program in Environmental Education at the Teton Science School in Wyoming. He completed an MS in Watershed Science at Utah State University, after which he began conducting hydrology and habitat monitoring for the US Forest Service in Colorado. A permanent job in central Oregon finally allowed him to move out of the back of his truck and into the "real world." Robes has been working as a hydrologist for the US Fish and Wildlife Service since 2005 and is passionate about doing salmon habitat restoration work throughout the Columbia Basin. A Leavenworth resident since 2008, he is genuinely excited to do good things for our environment every day and considers it a privilege to bring a scientific perspective and his educational experience to the Board at WRI.