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Terri Butler

Terri Butler

Terri moved to the Leavenworth area in 1990. She enjoyed raising her two daughters in the Upper Valley and taking advantage of the multitude of recreation opportunities available and the connections they created in the community.  Along with her family and friends, Terri enjoys hiking and trail running, and exploring the beautiful high mountain lakes. Summers are filled with swimming at Barn Beach and rafting with family and friends on the Wenatchee River, mountain biking, and climbing. Winter activities include skiing at Ski Hill and other groomed areas where her daughters learned to cross-country ski, snowshoeing, and snow camping.  Being in nature and having a relationship with the land and community have always been an important part of Terri's life. She has traveled to many places to experience indigenous cultures, their history and connection to the land. With her daughters and the next generation of grandsons living in the Valley, Terri’s commitment to, and passion for, building sustainable practices that lend themselves to the preservation and cultivation of community, and responsibility to environmental awareness, has come alive.

Terri's says, "The commitment and the philosophy of WRI resonates with my desire and passion for informative quality experiences for individuals, families, and other groups, in the natural world. These programs build relationships with understanding and respect. Cultivating a culture of care and stewardship for the earth and the lives of all of its inhabitants is an essential part of our existence and wellbeing, now and for future generations.”