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Tiffany Theden

Tiffany Theden

Tiffany (who also goes by Tiffa) is madly in love with native plants, lichen, and fungi in general. She has a BA in Environmental Studies/Biology from UC Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!) with plans to start on a master's degree in mycology/botany in the coming months. Tiffa's interests include rare plants, fungi, and lichens, as well as hiking, climbing, free diving, and any form of travel that can get her to remote places to meet all of the flora, fauna, and funga that live there. She serves on the board of the Wenatchee Valley chapter of WNPS, as an alternate board member of the Northwest Lichenologists, and does extensive design work for Fungal Diversity Survey. She is also a volunteer for Rare Care, monitoring populations of rare plants around Washington State. Tiffa is so excited to be the newest land steward at WRI, with hopes to increase native plant diversity and to bring more indigenous first food plants to the WRI landscape.