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Behind the Lens with Expedition Reclamation

Tuesday, May 18, 2021
7:00 pm8:30 pm
Virtual Event - Zoom Webinar Link Below

Step behind the scenes with filmmakers and characters from Expedition Reclamation, a short documentary highlighting 12 Washington-based Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color exploring their joyful, resilient, and transformative relationships to outdoor recreation. Six of the characters are from the Wenatchee Valley!
In this live, virtual event you'll get a peek into the filmmaking process, view the trailer, hear dynamic panel discussions, and dig into what it means to create a Brave Space and challenge the norms in the filmmaking and outdoor recreation as a multi-racial, women-led storytelling and community-building team.

This event will not be recorded, so make sure to tune in live to see it!
How to Join:
Watch via Zoom Webinar with link below.
Passcode: 078963