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Volunteer Opportunity: 3rd Grade Field Day*

We have a volunteer opportunity for 1 volunteer to assist with a Field Day Program with 3rd grade students from Alpine Lakes Elementary. Field Days are hands-on science and exploration opportunities on WRI's campus. The morning shift is filled. You will be signing up for the afternoon shift if you register for this date.

On this day, students will be visiting WRI's campus for our Wild Bird Program. As a volunteer, you will assist WRI staff by attending one activity station, rotate between stations, or follow a trail group. The time is approximate. More details on activities and a schedule will be sent to you 1-2 days before the program.

This Field Day can be split into 2 sections. Morning volunteers will help from 8:30-11 and afternoon volunteers will fill in from 11:45-2:15. If you would like to sign up for a half day, please email Mason at the address linked below with your desired time.

Thank you for being interested in volunteering with WRI Youth Programs!